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TelephonyWorld.com - The leading web community for Telephony and Telecommunications

CRMDirectory.com - The leading web community for Customer Relationship Management

RealBass.com - Bass fishing community


ERPDirectory.com - The leading web community for Enterprise Resource Planning

SCMDirectory.com - The leading web community for Supply Chain Management

POSDirectory.com - The leading web community for Point of Sale and Retail systems

PSADirectory.com - The leading web community for Professional Services

KMDirectory.com - The leading web community for Knowledge Management

TabletPCDirectory.com - The leading web community for Tablet Computing

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In 1997 we began a new concept of using the power of the internet to deliver vertically focused communities to professionals. Search engines are great for initially doing research, but fall short on delivering relevant results. It is quite easy to waste hours searching and following thousands of links only to come up frustrated.

We took the traditional print publication model of content delivery and combined it with powerful buying guide technology to provide an award winning user experience. Our first site www.TelephonyWorld.com became an instant success with professionals around the world who needed to stay in touch with telecommunications. Our in depth Buyer's guides provided company information for hundreds of telecom companies and products. No more wasted searches!

Our Community sites are not a compilation of external links like much of our competitors, but rather a single source for all the information anyone can handle. From up to the minute news and product reviews, success stories and editorials, to free services like RFP systems, classified listings and of course the buyer's guides. Visitors quickly bookmark the site and use it as a daily resource for their own success.

Product vendors and providers have also realized the powerful benefits of partnering with us. Hundreds of thousands of targeted professionals mean that their goods and services are seen by qualified buyers. It means that their information will reach their target audience and get the results they need to succeed. Our advertising and marketing packages deliver results that are consistently above average and all for a minimal investment.

Over the next 12 to 24 months we will continue to launch communities in a number of business markets that will quickly build our readership and membership to nearly 500,000. This success will make us a major publishing force and hub for business worldwide. Our community sites will become a major point of B2B buying and selling in key markets across the globe.

We hope that you will visit our sites and provide us with your valuable feedback.

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